A Happy Customer

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Rachael McFarlane

Liz was one of our first customers.  We asked her what she though of us.  Here's what she said:

Having not cycled since childhood, the prospect of getting back on a bike at 24 was daunting. However, The Bike Shop made the whole process enjoyable and very easy. For a very reasonable price I bought a bike (Ridgeback) which I have been riding for over a year. Despite being a second-hand bike, I have ridden my bike every day all across London and it has needed very little work done to it. When problems did arise I was able to take my bike back to The Bike Shop where their staff and on-site mechanics showed me how to fix it. So I have not only gained a bike but also the knowledge of how to fix it in the future. Cycling rather than using public transport gives me much more enjoyment and has allowed me a lot more freedom. I can cycle both for business and more importantly for pleasure.

I have gained so much from The Bike Shop that I have also decided to give something back. I have volunteered at their Thursday night workshop sessions, assisting others in fixing their bikes. I have also volunteered with the project to help teach some refugee children how to ride their bikes. I want to say thank you to The Bike Shop and would highly recommend their bikes, ethos and staff.

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