ETC Full Length Mudguards
ETC Full Length Mudguards
  • ETC Full Length Mudguards
  • ETC Full Length Mudguards

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Product details
Breakaway stays
Excellent full length coverage
Professional view from Stu

Tired of getting a muddy bum? These hard-wearing, full coverage mudguards will ensure you arrive at your destination as clean as a whistle.

The good news is that if you are buying these with a bike we will fit them for free!

Designed for bikes with clearance and stay mounts, they offer full protection from the elements.

Please note, if purchased with a bike, your accessories will be shipped uninstalled to avoid any damage in transit. For further information about assembling your bike, visit our assembly instructions page.


1. What size are your wheels? Road bikes are usually 700c, hybrids can be 700c or 26" and Mountain bikes are most often 26". The easiest way to check this is by looking at your tyres: the size should be printed somewhere on the tyre wall.

2. How wide are your tyres? You can also check this by looking at the size printed on the tyre wall.

3. Does your bike have the right fixings? These include threaded eyelets at the rear of the bike, at the dropout where the wheel fits into the frame and another bolt at the apex of the forks at the front. Hybrids usually have these fixings, but Road and Mountain bikes quite often don't. Sufficient clearance is also required and this can be an issue with Road bikes and Mountain bikes with suspension forks.

If you're buying your bike from The Bike Project, the bike descriptions will always say whether it is mudguard compatible or not.