What to give that someone special who wants for nothing? A Bike Shop gift card, that's what!

Gift cards are quite literally the gift of choice. See their eyes light up when they open up your card and click through to our shop. As you look smugly on, watch them salivate over our wonderful array of pre-loved bikes and brand spanking new accessories for every bike fan.

Then witness the joy redoubled when their order plops through the letter box – exactly what they wanted! You, my friend, are a gift-giving legend. Nailed it.

We do gift cards in four tiers of generosity: £10, £25, £50 and – Hey Big Spender! – £100. And we've got a choice of delivery method: either an e-card delivered instantly via email or a physical gift card delivered by post in 2-3 working days. That's it!

Oh, not quite – your wonderful gift actually counts double because every penny is reinvested into the charity and helps The Bike Project get more refugees cycling. Bonus!

Wahoo! Thanks to you, they now have a vital means of transport to access support networks and resources in and around London. Epic.

See? Gift cards are awesome. Your someone special wins, The Bike Project wins and loads of refugees win. And because gift giving is one of the quickest ways to feel good about yourself, you win as well. Is this the world's first win-win-win-win situation? We hope so!