Are you a bike shop that wants to support local refugees to help keep them mobile? We're looking for partners!

We offer lifetime repairs for the bikes we donate to refugees. However, many of our beneficiaries live far away from our base and struggle to make it down to the workshop if something goes wrong with their bike.

We're looking for local bike shops who can help us keep refugees on the road by giving them a space to make minor repairs themselves.

Have a read of our Pit Stop Tool Kit and contact us if you reckon you fit the bill. Please read carefully! While we're super grateful for any leads, we're also a small team and want to prioritise our time with shops that best match our needs. Thanks!

Why we need you

A bike is a vital lifeline to a refugee’s integration into British life and helps them save substantially on transport costs.

At The Bike Project, we give refugees a bike and a lesson on basic bike maintenance and minor repairs, like what to do when they get a puncture.

But many of our beneficiaries live a long way from our base and struggle to get themselves back on the road, without money to buy a puncture repair kit or a new inner tube, and no tools or bike stand to tune their gears or adjust their brakes.

What we need from you

Our aim is to link up with bike shops who can lend tools and a bit of space to refugees so they can perform minor ‘back on the road’ repairs themselves.

If anyone comes in needing extensive repairs, we just need the bike patched up so the owner can get down to our workshop.

We'll pay for any small replacement parts (like a puncture repair kit or an inner tube) that the refugee needs to use. Just invoice us!

In this way, the partnership shouldn't be a drain on your resources, but offers a fantastic opportunity for your bike shop to support refugees in your local community, increase traffic to your shop and keep people cycling!

If you want to offer some advice or assistance to those who need help, that'd obviously be fantastic! But we know how busy you are, and don't expect it at all.

What we can offer you

We already enjoy a number of successful partnerships with bike companies like Hiplock and Blaze. What we offer is great publicity through our blog and newsletter that'll really get your name out there among our thousands of friends and followers.

And, of course, you'll be welcomed into the growing Bike Project community, dedicated to getting refugees cycling and supporting them as they integrate into our society. TRANSLATION: We'll invite you to our annual party!

Is this you?

  • Any bike shop in Greater London
  • Friendly atmosphere and welcoming space for refugees to fix their own bikes
  • Willing to diagnose more serious bike issues and refer back to us for major repairs
  • Provide replacement parts for minor repairs (up to £5) - just invoice us afterwards
  • BONUS: Language abilities are highly desirable but not essential (Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya, French or Spanish, for example)

More about The Bike Project

Our mission is simple: to get refugees cycling!

We are a community of refugees, mechanics and volunteers. We receive donations of second-hand bikes, fix them together at our workshop, and then donate them to asylum seeking refugees.

A small proportion of the bikes that we receive are sold through our online shop to generate funds, the proceeds of which support The Bike Project, which ensures our long term sustainability.

Pit Stop Partners

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