Bike Service

We can provide either a full workshop grade premium service or a basic safety check. Our mechanics will come fully stocked with spare parts for same-day part replacement (if your bike needs new parts there will be an additional cost, but our pricing is very competitive).

Drop your bike off in the morning and we’ll have it ready for you to collect in the evening. Please select the type of service you would like and the date which we are scheduled to visit your premises. 

Premium Service: £55 (excluding parts)
Basic Safety Check £35 (excluding parts)

Suitable for the regular commuter looking to keep their bike in top condition.

  • All worn parts replaced (paid for separately).
  • Full brake service and gear indexing.
  • Wheels individually straightened and balanced in a professional truing jig.
  • Hubs checked and adjusted where necessary.
  • Bottom brackets checked and adjusted
  • Full clean and degrease of the entire bike. Drivechain removed from the bike and cleaned in a workshop grade parts washer.

For any bike that in good working order and free from extensive wear.

  • Gears fully indexed and brakes and headset adjusted.
  • Chain checked and lubricated
  • Wheels straightened in the frame and tyres inflated to correct pressure.
  • Frame wiped down and all nuts and bolts tightened to correct torque.

If the bike needs new parts, it will need to be upgraded to a premium service as we do not replace parts as part of a safety check. 



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