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Are you a Uni-cyclist, a freshers flyer or a college climber? Being a student is an expensive business these days, so what better way to welcome in the new academic year than with 10% off a Bike Project bike. No, we're not shipping them without brakes – that's 10% off in money!

Whether you're a speed freak, an off-road adrenalin junkie or just looking for transport, your next new bike is waiting just around the corner.

Why all students need a Bike Project bike:


Start with the obvious. Now the taxi of mum and dad is no longer in service, who else is going to drive you to lectures, footie practice or back home after a long night out? Hint: You are. And that's no bad thing – it's not for nothing that the Suffragettes called bikes Freedom Machines.


Even with a student travel card, you can easily spank £50-100 a month on travel to and from college or university. Over the next 9 months that's going to add up fast. A bike is a inspired investment that'll save you big bucks in the long run. And that's even before our special student discount.


Cycling to and from your lectures could help you burn an extra 500 calories every day. That's a plate of cheesy chips and a beer. (Note: We do bikes, not dietary advice.) Flicking through Instagram on the bus just doesn't match up. So why shell out on gym membership when you've got one under your ass?


Aerobic exercise like cycling supersizes the hippocampus, the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning. Buying a bike (and using it) will make you cleverer. Fact. On top of that, exercise lowers cortisol stress levels – pretty handy at exam time.


As if that wasn't enough – you'll also be supporting an award-winning social enterprise. The Bike Project came into being when our founder Jem Stein was himself a student and made friends with Adam, a refugee from Darfur. When Jem saw how badly Adam struggled to afford public transport on his measly government allowance of £36 a week, he hit upon a simple solution. It was sitting, unused and unloved, in his brother's shed. An afternoon's tinkering later, Adam had free travel to all his Home Office appointments and – even more important – a real sense of independence.

Four years later, every penny we make by selling bikes is ploughed straight back into our mission to get refugees cycling. Last year, we gave away over a thousand bikes to refugees in London. We also run a massively successful women's project that teaches cycling skills to female refugees who might have never been allowed a bike of their own. Freedom!

Don't just take our word for it

“I have just received delivery of my Ridgeback Motion Hybrid Bike.....and I AM ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED!  It is in amazing condition and all the necessary bits replaced…it rides absolutely perfectly – the gears, the brakes, everything – better than new. Brilliant. I have been cycling for fifty years and this is by far the best bike I have ever owned.”

Well known genius Albert Einstein tragically didn't live long enough to buy a bike from The Bike Project, but he did come up with his Special Theory of Relativity while cycling. Not bad, Bertie, not bad.

So come and join the noble history of cycling students and buy a Bike Project bike today. Just use the code STUDENT10 at the checkout to enjoy 10% off.

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(Photo credit: Stew Dean on Flickr)

Written on: 09 Jan 2018 | Author: Anna Chapman

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