Whether you feel the need for speed, the thrills for hills or the get-go for retro, we've got your perfect bike. Now let's find it!

What breed do you need?

  • Road Bikes
    Fancy the Tour de France, or even just touring France? Either way, what you need is a road bike. Chris Froome, Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish did not go into races with a wicker basket on their bars.

    Road bikes are designed with one goal in mind: speed on smooth surfaces. With dropped handles, feather-light aluminium or carbon frames and skinny tyres, they maximise the transfer of energy from your legs to the wheels. This efficiency gives you speed in the short run and conserves your strength over the course of a long day in the saddle.

    That being said, our road bikes are just as happy shaving a few minutes off your morning commute!
  • Mountain Bikes
    These are the Bear Grylls of bicycles, happy as a pig in mud when they’re out in the wild. Break out of the city on an all-terrain adventure and get dirty grappling with rocks, roots, sand and shingle.

    Deep tread tyres, 26” wheels, a lower gear range and built-in suspension provide the extra traction and stability needed for off-road encounters. If you're looking for extra comfort, hunt down seat post suspension and a mudguard.

    Give a mountain bike a home today – just don’t leave it locked up too long!
  • Hybrid Bikes
    Are you thinking to yourself “I want it all!”? Then you’re in the right place. Yes, a hybrid is the bicycle that Freddy Mercury and Queen wanted to ride.

    The versatile love child of mountain and road bikes, the hybrid is as happy on the asphalt as it is over rougher terrain. Features you'll typically find on a hybrid bike include a wide range of gears, an upright riding position, 700c wheels, solid v-brakes and a strong alloy frame. Look out for bonuses like mudguards and a pannier rack.

    One warning: these are our bestsellers, so get your clicking finger ready!
  • Vintage
    A vintage bike is a little like George Clooney: the older they get, the harder you fall for them. Others may disapprove of the age gap, but rest assured that The Bike Shop will make sure your new-to-you vintage model is in thoroughly modern condition.

    Most of our vintage bikes are more than 30 years old, and many are from the '70s. Classic features of a vintage bike include the original steel frame, dropped handlebars, a range of gears with down tube shifters and that inexplicable design beauty. Keep your eyes peeled for original Brooks leather saddles and delightful vintage embellishments on the frame.

    By definition, vintage bikes have stood the test of time: surviving and thriving is characteristic of their high build quality. It really is true that they don’t make ‘em like they used to!
  • Single Speeds and Fixed Gear
    Single speed cycling is the epitome of urban cool – but there are real, practical reasons why you might like to join the hipster revolution.

    With fewer components to pack in, you get a lot more bike for your buck. Typically, our single speeds have quality components you'd usually only find on much more expensive road bikes. Then there's the visceral sensation of being tied to the road, just you and the power in your legs.

    Plus, if there's no hills nearby, why bother with the constant maintenance hassle of gears?
  • Folding Bikes
    Folding bikes are the superheroes of the biking world. One minute you're quiet little Clark Kent, tapping away on your laptop on the train into work. The next you're flying down the road with your legs pumping, beating out the traffic in the race for home. Maybe take a spare shirt.

    Check your local services, but folding bikes can usually be taken on National Rail and bus routes – even during peak times and, in London, even on the Underground. Amazing.

    But forget all that for now these machines are actually great for cycling! Think about picking one that's got mudguards and a pannier rack so you can stay dry and stow your luggage.

    Folding bikes are suitable for riders of all shapes and sizes!
  • Kid's Bikes
    Give a child a bicycle and you give them the freedom of the country – with the added benefit of tiring them out before bed.

    Cycling is a skill for life that gives kids growing independence and a satisfying sense of achievement, as well as physical fitness and mental endurance. Buying your kid a bike might be one of the best investments you ever make – so much fun they won’t even realise it’s good for them!

What size flies?

We've made finding the right size bike easy: simply select your height from the filter on the shop page and you'll only see bikes that are right for you.

Please don't be tempted to squeeze onto a bike too big or too small for you – you'll only end up looking like a circus clown and wrecking your knees / back / street cred.

Doesn't fit?

Although our size guide works for 99% of people, every bike and every body is a little bit different. If your bike arrives and it doesn't quite fit then don't worry - we offer 14-day no quibble returns.


If your height is on the threshold between two sizes, try measuring your charmingly-named ‘ape index' - that's the length of your maximum arm span minus your height.

If you have a positive ape index (i.e. your arm span is longer than your height), you’ll probably want the larger sized bike. If it’s negative, go for the smaller one. Chimptastic.

Geeky details: How we size our secondhand bikes

As you know, The Bike Project is utterly unique - or at least we are when it comes to sizing secondhand bikes.

Unlike most bike shops, we don't measure our secondhand bikes using frame size or seat post length. We use the 'real top tube length' system developed by Clever Trevor, one of our freelance mechanics.

  • MORE INFO: Why the heck do we do that?
    Our secondhand bikes come in every imaginable breed, from roadies and foldies, to hybrids, MTBs and everything in between. On top of that, our stable of bikes were born in every era between yesterday and the Stone Age.

    What that means is that we can't necessarily rely on traditional size guides to calculate the perfect bike fit for you, our beloved customer.

    What that means is you might end up ordering a teeny-tiny clown bike - or one where the BFG himself would struggle to hit the pedals.

    Luckily, Trevor's system is SUPER easy to use and has only one straight-forward chart that covers all types of bikes.

    That's why we call him Clever Trevor.

Clever Trevor's Magic Measurements*

Bike Size Rider Height
XXS 145-152cm 4'9" - 5'0"
XS 152-160cm 5'0" - 5'3"
S 160-168cm 5'3" - 5'6"
M 168-175cm 5'6" - 5'9"
L 175-183cm 5'9" - 6'0"
XL 183-191cm 6'0" - 6'3"
XXL 191-198cm 6'3" - 6'6"

*Clever Trevor's Magic Measurements have been rigorously tested on hundreds of bikes to make sure we give you the perfect fit. But it is important to note that this is just a guide because everyone's body is different! If you still prefer the old ways, there's a little info box that gives the frame (and wheel) size on every bike product page.


Kids bikes are different again, and usually measured using the wheel size. Simply check the chart below for the perfect kiddie fit.

12" Wheel 14" Wheel 16" Wheel 20" Wheel 24" Wheel 26" Wheel
Approx Age 2 - 4 years 3 - 5 years 5 - 7 years 7 - 9 years 9 - 11 years 11+ years
Rider Height 86-102cm 94-109cm 109-122cm 122-135cm 135-145cm 145-152cm
2'10" - 3'4" 3'1" - 3'7" 3'7" - 4'0" 4'0" - 4'5" 4'5" - 4'9" 4'9" +
Approx Age Rider Height
12" Wheel 2 - 4 years 86-102cm 2'10" - 3'4"
14" Wheel 3 - 5 years 94-109cm 3'1" - 3'7"
16" Wheel 5 - 7 years 109-122cm 3'7" - 4'0"
20" Wheel 7 - 9 years 122-135cm 4'0" - 4'5"
24" Wheel 9 - 11 years 135-145cm 4'5" - 4'9"
26" Wheel 11+ years 145-152cm 4'9" +

That's it. See you out on the road!

Picking a bike and size guide