18 New Year Resolutions That Will Make Life Awesome In '18

Snowed Under Boris Bikes (Credit: R4vi on Flickr)

Get into or back into cycling in 2018 with a brand new secondhand bike (not a contradiction) from The Bike Project. All of our secondhand bikes ride as good as new, thanks to our magical mechanics (not actually magical, but sometimes they seem like it).

If you need some inspiration (or an excuse) here are 18 New Year cycling resolutions to make sure your 2018 is totally awesome.

  1. Lose those turkey pounds: switch to commuting by bike and you'll lose 2lbs – or as much as 16lbs if you're cycling more than 30 minutes.
  2. With our Bike Sale still in full swing, you can snap up even more of a bargain than usual and save yourself a few extra pounds of the financial variety, too.
  3. Our bikes for kids are the gift that keeps giving. A child with bike skills is a child with wind in their hair and only a child with wind in their hair is truly free. Buddha said not.
  4. Make friends with mud – invest in a mountain-mastering MTB, or tame the filth with a set of our mudguards.
  5. Find out what it's like to be a hipster with a fixie bike or single speed. They're great for bulking up your calves on the hills, and even better for posing outside pop-up espresso vans.
  6. Cut your commute in half by dodging through the jams. Average traffic speed in central London is about 8mph – but bikes melt between cars like hot butter on your breakfast toast.
  7. Or go half and half by buying one of our miraculous folding bikes – wake yourself up with a ride in the morning, and catch the lazy train home.
  8. Go retro and pick up a 1970s vintage classic. Steel frame bikes can last forever, and offer something unique with bags of character.
  9. Pick a Sustrans route that starts near your house, stuff your new panniers with camping gear and go touring.
  10. …Maybe even cycle around the world in 80 days like Mark Beaumont did in 2017.
  11. Do the impossible, every time you saddle up. The world's cleverest engineers and scientists still don't fully understand how bicycles work.
  12. Share the love with refugees. Every £100 you spend on one of our bikes means we can give another bike to a refugee. That's why we exist!
  13. Upskill yourself by learning how to fix bikes at our Thursday volunteers workshop...
  14. ...Or let us do the dirty work by hiring our mechanics for your workplace, or get a free bike service when you sponsor one of our refugee bikes for £10/month.
  15. Slap on some Lycra, get your head down and race! It's the finishing that counts.
  16. Join Steven Abraham as he attempts to break the world record for furthest distance cycled in one year. It currently stands at the 86,573.2 miles ridden by Amanda Coker in 2017.
  17. Grab a mallet, don your helmet and join your local bike polo club. It used to be an Olympic sport, don't you know.
  18. Biking makes you better in bed! Okay, so that's only scientifically proven in a zzz kind of way, but I bet you can think of other uses for your new-found thighs of steel...

And remember that every penny you spend with us goes to getting refugees cycling. We couldn't do this without you and your love of bikes, so here's to an awesome 2018 for you – cheers!

(Photo Credit: R4vi on Flickr)

Written on: 02 Jan 2018 | Author: David Charles

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