Matt is a Senior Mechanic in the London Workshop, handling jobs from servicing to shelf construction and everything in between. A fan of strong tea and dad rock, you can often find him digging through the parts boxes to find just the right part for a 90s mountain bike.

Matt has been fixing bikes for over 10 years, starting by doing up a bike to ride to Paris on at 18 years old. Since then he has worked in all sorts of workshops on all sorts of bikes and his passion for bikes and especially inventive customer bodges has never dulled. And after joining The Bike Project in April 2020 has found a like-minded group of enthusiasts who share his love of life on 2 wheels.

He rides a 1997 Rockhopper, recognizable by its rainbow tassels on the saddle, and in his spare time you can find him quilting, playing Dungeons and Dragons and eating too many hobnobs.

Written on: 12 Oct 2014 | Author: Muna Hussen

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