Big RideLondon shout out to our awesome fundraisers

On Sunday 29 July, six intrepid cyclists will strap on their Lycra, pump up their tyres and ride a really, really long way - all to raise money for The Bike Project.

RideLondon is a 100-mile bike race through the (closed) city streets of London and the country lanes of Surrey. It is, without a doubt, both a spectacular feat of endurance and an entirely silly thing to do on your day off.

So, please, raise a glass and dip into your wallet for our six heroic riders, each of whom are raising £600 to help get refugees cycling. With your help, we'll get 36 more refugees on bikes of their own. AWESOME.

Rabbi Aaron Goldstein (Virgin Money Giving) "The Bike Project combine my leisure passion in life - cycling - with a major cause that concerns me, refugees and those seeking asylum." Plus he needs a quick time to get back for a wedding in the evening!

Rachel Holt (Just Giving) "Attempting to cycle 100 miles is a small price to pay to support those who’ve travelled far further to escape war, poverty and persecution. It really is bikes to the rescue :)"

Kevin Sedgley (Local Giving) "I’ve never worn lycra before, so to warn anyone that lives on or near the route, try and avoid the area for the day and avert your eyes away from the fat sweaty bloke at the back. All sponsors will be guaranteed NOT to receive a post-ride photo of me in padded shorts. Why run the risk?"

Kal McNamara (JustGiving) "I'm cycling the Pru RideLondon-Surrey 100 for the second time, aiming to finish in under 5.5 hours (total time)! I did it in under 5 hours (moving time) back in 2015. Now I'm an old man with a dodgy knee and only 1 month to train, so this will surely be more of a challenge..."

Claire Ferraro (JustGiving) "I am a Doctor currently working in East London in the NHS, and I have previously worked for Doctors of the World, a healthcare charity supporting undocumented migrants. I've never cycled anywhere near 100 miles before and I'm really quite scared that I won't be able to get up those hills or keep going towards the end."

And (finishing) last, but not (raising the) least, our very own deputy workshop manager Andrew MacLugash (JustGiving). Yep - we've let him off the leash for the weekend! Displaced Scot Andrew is just hoping he gets the chance to wave at the Queen as he races down The Mall.

Huge thanks you guys for all your thigh-busting efforts on our behalf. Everyone else: don't let it be in vain! Nice one.

Now: gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogooooooooooo!

Written on: 20 Jul 2018 | Author: David Charles

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