Founding sponsor: Jhub

When we first started out in November 2012, we had no office, no money, and no support. Thankfully, Jhub spotted our potential and provided us with all three: desk space in the Jhub, a grant, and a community of start-up organisations on the same journey. Without that inital support we would never have got going so we are extremely grateful to Jhub and the team at The Pears Foundation.

The Bike Project only exists because of the generous support of the following trusts, funds, people and organisations. Thank you!

  • The City Bridge Trust
  • London Communities Foundation
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Sigrid Rausing Trust
  • Tampon Tax Fund
  • Texel Foundation
  • Southwark Council
  • Islamic Relief
  • Tudor Trust
  • The Peter Minet Trust
  • M&G Investments
  • Clifford Chance LLP
  • Rayne Foundation
  • Henry Smith Charity
  • Wax Chandlers
  • Evan Cornish Trust
  • People’s Postcode Lottery
  • Wakefield and Tetley Trust
  • Edith Maud Ellis 1985 Charitable
  • Trust
  • Pears Foundation
  • Hillcote Trust
  • PWC Ride the Nation
  • Women of the Year Foundation
  • Jesuit Fund for Social Justice
  • P&G Charitable Trust
  • AD Charitable Trust
  • AB Charitable Trust
  • Imegamedia - specialists in retail finance and eCommerce modules
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Comic Relief
The National Lottery