Bikes are freedom machines

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We get women cycling: More than just transport, bikes mean so much to the women we support with our cycle training program. Watch our documentary above to see just how much.

Free cycling lessons

Free one-to-one cycling lessons in London and Birmingham, led by an all-female team of instructors. Inspiring our participants to feel the freedom of their very own bike – perhaps for the first time in their lives

Every woman is welcome

All abilities are welcome and bikes and safety equipment are provided free of charge. We match women with a local instructors who get them cycling!

Huge (s)miles since 2014

The Bike Project has been training refugee women to cycle since 2014

Cycling classes for women by women

We get refugees cycling! We do that by donating bikes, but also by teaching some refugees how to cycle!

Living on £37.75 a week, while being prohibited to work, can be difficult - and doubly so for women who often are less likely to cycle than men. 

In 2014 we started cycling classes by women, for women. Our Pedal Power program teaches cycling to refugee women in a safe, supportive and empowering environment. With lessons that focus on confidence, road safety and even maintenance, our Pedal Power graduates leave with more than just the ability to cycle, 


To date we have had more than 400 graduates. One of those is Majda from Birmingham, who told us a little more of her experience. 

“I was so nervous, I thought I would be judged for never having been on a bike before. As a Hijabi woman, you never saw other Hijabi women cycling in Sudan. I feel so proud to be able to cycle now."

Read more of Majda's story in our blog.

Some our graduates have even become cycling instructors, like Maureen and Comfort in our Pedal Power documentary, which you can watch above. 

Since Covid started, we have moved from group lessons to one-to-one lessons to adhere to Covid regulations and to ensure we are keeping our staff and students as safe as possible. 


Are you a refugee woman who wants to learn how to cycle? Contact us via and one of our team will get right back to you! You can also join our virtual Cyber Cyclist Program

Pedal Power is supported by our wonderful partners

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