£25 could help a refugee cycle safely on the streets of London

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Get refugees cycling!
Buy a gift for a refugee!

Your gift could help pay for one of the comprehensive cycling safety kits that we give to all our bike recipients so that they can cycle safely, and at night.

Consider creating a positive impact in the life of a refugee or person seeking asylum by gifting them a cycling safety kit. Bicycles hold immense significance for refugees, representing not only a mode of transport but also a symbol of independence and freedom. By providing a cycling safety kit, you are enhancing their safety during rides, enabling them to explore their new environment with assurance and peace of mind.

You will be sent a PDF e-card that can be downloaded or printed. 

Front and rear safety lights
Bike lock
Hi-vis jacket
How your gift helps

Cycling around London can be a hazardous undertaking if you don't have the right gear. That's why we give all our bike recipients a comprehensive cycling safety kit to go with their bike.

Visibility to other road users is super important when cycling in the city and our hi-vis jackets make sure our cyclists are always seen. At night, they can't go anywhere without a set of bike lights - it's literally against the law.

Sadly, London is full of light-fingered thieves just itching to make off with one of our brilliant bikes. So we give everyone a robust bike lock to help keep them at safe.

Finally, we give all our bike recipients a well-fitting helmet to protect their vitals if the worst happens.

Your gift donation of £25 could cover the cost of all this kit, and make sure our refugees are safe on the road. Awesome!