It's easy to start fundraising for The Bike Project - simply set up a fundraising page with us.

They will ask for a few details about what sort of fundraising event you've got planned. Fill those in and then that's it - done!

To help you every step of the way, we've created a dead simple PDF crammed full of fundraising tips and tricks for you to gobble up / download.

Two Important Things to Think About

When it comes to fundraising, the first donation is super important so make sure that you've got your biggest supporters lined up to make a generous donation as soon as the page is live and that'll encourage others to contribute too.

Set the bar high and you'll be amazed how much you can raise!

Secondly, try and make a personal connection when you're reaching out to potential supporters. Tell them the human story behind why you're fundraising for The Bike Project.

Here are a few 'ways in' to telling your fundraising story:

  • What inspired you to raise money and what made you choose The Bike Project?
  • What does seeking asylum or refuge mean to you?
  • What does cycling and the freedom of the humble bicycle mean to you?
  • Are you raising funds in memory of a loved one?
Raising funds face-to-face?
Download a Sponsorship Form (317kb)

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